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This website promotion resource lists some key sites for page design and link popularity, as well as tools available for enhancing your site's search engine success.

Revealed: Top Two Google Ranking Factors
Mike's article on Google rankings.
Explore the basics of link popularity and produce targeted traffic through link exchanges. (Commercial site. We don't recommend their link script!)
Mike's Link Popularity Checker
See many other excellent resources here. (Commercial site. Skip to the "Enter Domain Name" section and enter your web address to measure your link popularity.)
Nielsen NetRatings (February 23, 2004)
Article on search engine usage ratings: Google 39.4%, Yahoo 30.4%, MSN 29.6%, AOL 15.5%, AskJeeves 8.5%.
Google FAQ
A FAQ based on questions that frequently appear in the Google newsgroup.
Link Popularity
Open Directory's list of resources on link popularity.
Watching Google Like A Hawk
News and commentary on Google.
Google Watch
Views Google suspiciously.
Pandia Search Central
Search engine resource.


The ToolRoom outlines procedures and tools for obtaining better rankings in search engines like Google.

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