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I try to distinguish each project in some way, through the

  • beauty of the design
  • ease and depth of the links
  • nature of the content
  • something fun about the format

Text should be organized and concise with no spelling errors. Pages should load fast, so I limit the use of graphical images and rely on Cascading Style Sheets for stunning visual displays.

Judy Young Poetry

This major site renovation in 2007 was very timely as the author recently released a series of new books and won some serious writing awards, so it was great that we upgraded the site from a mid-1990s design... just in time for all the attention!

Vermont Maple Outlet

This Vermont maple syrup products seller site has retained top search engine rankings for 8+ years.

Ross B. Young

Wonderful sporting art by Missouri artist Ross B. Young. Again, we achieved excellent search engine rankings with this site so we're taking a "If it ain't broke..." approach and have not redesigned it after 10 years for a more modern look.

Avenue Bennett

This is a basic site to advertise a home real estate parcel.

G. Scatchard Lamps

This design from 10+ years ago remains a solid sales tool for G.S. Lamps, which produces a beautiful line of handmade contemporary lamps. With outstanding rankings in Google, we decided to leave this site alone and not re-design it for a more modern look, due to the risk of loosing the good search rankings. It is possible though redesign the site today without a risk to rankings.

Sunset House Bed & Breakfast

A homey Vermont Bed & Breakfast in the historic Queen Ann style, conveniently located in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

Northland Boats

A major 2005 revision to a website which I initially took over only for maintenance purposes.

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Northland Boats - With the content 100% ready to go, this site redesign cost less than $1500, featuring a new white splash logo with a compact design layout.

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